If you ask yourself ‘Why should I work with an investment manager?’, one of the many reasons to work with Domani Wealth is our access to critical building blocks of research and investing. In fact, we are one of only a few firms nationwide that has access to intensive research with the renowned Callan Associate’s Independent Advisor Group.

Callan Associates Inc.

Founded in 1973, Callan Associates Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the investment consulting industry, providing investment and economic research, as well as, guidance to institutional investors, plan sponsors and investment advisory firms nationwide. Domani Wealth is one of about 30 firms nationwide (1 of 2 in Pennsylvania) that is proud to have earned membership in the Independent Advisor Group (IAG) of Callan Associates Inc. This esteemed group is comprised of a limited number of financial advisors located across the country and supported by a dedicated team of Callan professionals. As an IAG member firm, we have access to Callan’s full portfolio of specialized resources including their extensive research, proprietary data and sophisticated analytical tools. This is one of the many answers to the question ‘Why should I work with an investment manager?’

Charles Schwab & Co.

Domani Wealth has chosen Charles Schwab & Co. as one of our primary custodians. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), this gives us access to insights, research, and a wide range of investment products and expertise. This strategic relationship also allows our advisors access to the full range of investment solutions and trading services that Schwab offers, all backed by the Schwab Security Guarantee, protecting you from losses arising from unauthorized activity.

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