Couples and Finances: Why you Both Should be Involved


In many relationships the division of labor often falls along the lines of which partner has a greater interest in whatever the underlying duty might be. Traditionally, women have been more likely to do the cooking. But these days it’s not uncommon to find that in many couples it’s the men with the culinary inclination […]

Giving Season


2020 looks incredibly different in so many ways compared to previous years. But in some ways: the holiday season ushers in familiar, heartwarming aspects. When many of us think of the holidays, we think of generosity: of spirit, and of supporting our communities. The challenges the pandemic has created this year are extraordinary and many […]

Financial Planning Considerations for the Small Business Owner


Small business owners typically have incredible drive and self-reliance as they start their business and as they grow over time.  Aside from operational, human resource, and financing issues faced by the owner, there are also a number of interrelated issues between the business and the owner’s personal financial planning that arise. These interrelated issues can […]

Staying Invested in the Market


“The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.” Those are the words of Benjamin Graham, considered by many as one of the founding fathers of investing and someone who has inspired generations not just to invest, but to invest prudently, and to invest for the long term. So what […]

Annual Plan Audit: An Auditor’s Perspective


Does your plan require an annual audit? If your eligible participant count (including terminated employees who maintain an account balance) exceeds 100 at the beginning of your plan will you be required to conduct a benefit plan audit including financial statements attached to the Form 5500 (the one exception is the *80-120 rule.) The audit […]

The Situation Your Employees May Be In: Retirement Income Survey


Attaining a satisfactory retirement experience is dependent on sufficiency of post-retirement income. In an attempt to identify current attitudes in this regard the *Alliance for Retirement Income surveyed pre-retirees between the ages of 56 and 75 (with a minimum of $100k assets) regarding their anticipated timing of their retirement. Here are some highlights resulting from […]

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