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A business leader retirement can be full of emotion. Shifting from the legacy you’ve built into retirement is laced with both pride and sadness. 

And it can’t be done without a plan. 

For many with entrepreneurial spirit, taking a business from the ground up into a solid, sustainable enterprise is so fulfilling it may be difficult when it’s time to approach retirement. There seem to be more questions than answers. And even if you know your company has worth, without a plan to find objective value and faithfully weigh the options you can choose from, it may not move as smoothly as you hope.

At Domani Wealth, we are bound by the highest standard in the industry: as a fiduciary, acting in your best interest, always.

We’ve helped clients with answering many questions, like: 

  • What is your business worth?
  • Should you sell it to an outside buyer or an internal owner?
  • What about selling to more than one internal owner?
  • Are there family members who may be stepping into ownership?
  • How do you complete valuation, and how do you go from asking these questions to stepping out of your office for the last time?

Our advisors have decades of experience working on business owner retirement and with third parties to objectively determine possible options, make conservative assumptions, and explore a way forward. 

We work closely with business owners and leaders on retirement plans, analyzing and recommending next steps. Domani Wealth advisors have regularly worked with family-owned businesses on the wisest plan to meet the needs of multiple generations, including meeting ownership financial goals, keeping the business in a position to succeed, and examining equitable wealth transfer to children both within and outside of the business. 

We’ve also regularly worked with stakeholders on liquidity events, connecting with business brokers to market the company and achieve an advantageous price and valuation. During this process, Domani Wealth advisors coordinate the business-support team made up of a wealth manager, attorney, CPA, and business broker to fully evaluate the tax and economic benefits of a business owner retirement.  

We partner with you to shift into retirement and aim to see your hard work over years become an income stream on which you can rely. 

The transition of a business owner adds complexity to retirement planning. Our goal is to reduce stress, enabling you to feel reassured and in control.

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