2019 Q3 in Review and Looking Ahead

The third quarter brought mixed results for global capital markets.  Most domestic large cap indices posted modest gains, while domestic small cap and international markets posted losses.  Fixed [...]

2019 Q2 in Review and Looking Ahead

Building on the first quarter’s momentum, the capital markets continued their upward trend during the second quarter.  Despite a pullback in May due to global trade concerns, falling oil prices, [...]

What Correction?

With the S&P 500 suffering its worst December since 1931, and the equity market falling by nearly 20% at one point during the month, suffice it to say that 2018 ended with a thud rather than [...]

2019 Q1 in Review and Looking Ahead

In sharp contrast to the volatile conclusion of 2018, the new year brought a rally in the capital markets. Technology stocks again were a large contributor to the gains, but the market strength [...]

Understanding US Treasury Securities

If you turn your TV to CNBC for a snapshot of what the market is doing, you will see figures that probably look familiar to you – the S&P 500, or perhaps the Dow. But did you notice the [...]

Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns

The Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns graphically depicts annual returns for various asset classes, ranked from best to worst. The appeal of the table is its ability to be understood at [...]

2018 Q4 Market Review

Macroeconomic Environment Glass Half Full or Half Empty? Investors’ appetite for risk, while elevated for much of 2018, evaporated as the year drew to a close and wiped out positive returns for [...]

2018 in Review and Looking Ahead

January 2019 If we had to pick one word to sum up the 2018 capital markets, that word would be “extremes”.  In the span of only a few months, we saw headlines touting both new highs and record [...]

Financial Markets – Why Things Are Not Always as They Seem

It is likely that at some point in your daily routine – perhaps as you watch the news over breakfast or dinner, or as you check your phone throughout the day – you have heard all the [...]