Domani Wealth Acquires EHD Advisory Services

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We Welcome Ken Eshleman and Steve Maher to Domani Wealth

Domani Wealth is pleased to announce the acquisition of EHD Advisory Services, effective Dec. 6, 2019.

At Domani Wealth, we provide comprehensive wealth planning and investment management services to clients throughout Central Pennsylvania and are always evaluating how we can continue to grow our expertise and support our clients. Curiosity is one of our core values, after all – we’re dedicated to continual learning and understanding.

Ken Eshlemen Steve MaherIn light of that, as Ken Eshleman (on left) and Steve Maher were looking for a move to grow their own resources and add more depth to their client offerings, we began to discuss the possibility of joining forces.

EHD Advisory has been a neighbor to our Lancaster office in the Greenfield Corporate Center, and our two firms have been friendly competitors for years. We found incredible alignment in our two cultures and the purpose both our firms adhere to: striving to provide an opportunity for a better tomorrow. The level of collaboration with clients, teamwork amongst our staff, and flexibility to meet client needs resonated with both our firms’ leaders.

With such a harmonious relationship, the partners at Domani Wealth and EHD Advisory Services have moved forward and completed the acquisition. The firm will now have assets under management/advisement in excess of $1.5 billion.

EHD Advisory Services was founded in 2003, and was previously affiliated with EHD Insurance, based in Lancaster. EHD Advisory Services offered wealth management, financial planning, and qualified business retirement plan services.

Ken and Steve will join Domani’s team as owners and senior wealth advisors in Lancaster, an easy transition for both them and their clients.

Please join us in welcoming Ken and Steve to our team!

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