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Family Office Services

You need a personal CFO and COO to coordinate, aggregate, and oversee your total wealth plan.

There are many complex details to manage almost daily if you are an ultra-high net worth family or individual. 

Domani Wealth provides sophisticated financial and wealth planning solutions to multigenerational family members and their entities through our family office services. We craft unique plans to meet the goals of our clients’ financial needs and futures. Working with our team on planning provides portfolio management tailored to match a family’s risk, income, philanthropic, and family wealth transfer goals. If you are looking for a coordinated approach to managing your generational wealth, trust, gift, income tax, and legacy planning needs, our advisors will take on the role you need with our robustly credentialed and experienced team. 

With our help, you can focus on your family and personal life. Our goal is to reduce stress, enabling you to feel reassured and in control. 

Questions may arise such as: 

  • Can I work with someone trustworthy to assist me with my financial details? 
  • Can you come alongside my spouse and make sure they’re prepared for the future? 
  • Can you manage the layers of complexity and time-consuming coordination of our lives?

    Domani Wealth: Sophisticated Wealth Planning Services

    Our comprehensive menu of family office services includes:

    We often act as a guide and protector of our clients’ legacy and their family’s future.

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