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As a business leader, you’ve spent enormous time building your legacy. Part of that legacy is in providing a thriving culture for your employees and preparing them for the future. And part of it is also preparing yourself for the future. 

Working with Domani Wealth, we can support you in those two-fold endeavors with an eye on the what’s next: 

  • Assisting employers focused on providing quality benefits for employees via a robust employer-sponsored retirement plan for their team members. 
  • Guiding and advising business owners as they transition to retirement

Understanding the best plans for retirement based on your business, your employees, and where you are in life can be overwhelming. We’re here to help.


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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Plan Sponsors

Participant data and financial accounts comprise some of the most sensitive and potentially vulnerable information under a company’s care. These highly valuable assets can be an attractive target for cybercriminals and therefore present considerable security risk....

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