Are You Taking Advantage of a Great Tax-Savings Opportunity?


Health Savings Accounts (HSA) provide significant tax advantages. First, to qualify for an HSA, you must be enrolled in a “high-deductible” health insurance plan. This is an important consideration, as some people may not be comfortable with higher annual deductibles, as the out-of-pocket costs may be more than they can afford. HSAs were established under […]

What Correction?

Market Commentary

With the S&P 500 suffering its worst December since 1931, and the equity market falling by nearly 20% at one point during the month, suffice it to say that 2018 ended with a thud rather than a bang. However, just as we saw a snap-back from the drawdown in early 2018 (for different reasons), the […]

2019 Q1 in Review and Looking Ahead

Market Commentary

In sharp contrast to the volatile conclusion of 2018, the new year brought a rally in the capital markets. Technology stocks again were a large contributor to the gains, but the market strength was fairly widespread. Both domestic and international equity markets, as well as the broad bond market, posted decidedly positive returns for the […]

Navigating Life’s Transitions


As each of us go through life, we are faced with transitions – some we prepare for and some we don’t.  All of us finish our education at some level and enter the work force. Some of us get married; some start a family.  All of these are cultural and natural transitions we go through […]

Understanding US Treasury Securities

Market Commentary

If you turn your TV to CNBC for a snapshot of what the market is doing, you will see figures that probably look familiar to you – the S&P 500, or perhaps the Dow. But did you notice the figure called “US 10 Year” that is often quoted? Did you ever wonder what that number […]

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