Meet Marlene Perry

Meet Marlene Perry, an Operations Associate with Domani Wealth!

What do you think you most contribute to the workplace?

I hope I contribute stability and some fun!

Which of Domani’s core values most resonates with you and why?

Teamwork – it’s nice to be part of a team that provides support to one another and our clients.

What made you pursue a career in your chosen skillset?

I always wanted to be able to make others’ workloads a little easier – that’s why I chose to move into operations where I can help both the team and our clients.

Do you have any pets?

I love dogs! I have a rescue dog named Omar – he is half cairn terrier and half yorkie – only 12 pounds and a little lover.

What kind of music do you love?

I love Motown!

What’s guaranteed to make you laugh?

My daughter! We have a great relationship and always make each other laugh.

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