Meet Michele Bailey

Get to know our team members! Meet Michele Bailey, Operations Manager, who’s been with the firm since its inception!

What would a perfect workday look like for you?

It would start with a grande iced caramel macchiato, then I would work through several operational requests and complete them. Then of course lunch delivered for the whole office and we could spend a little time together, while an office pet was around to interact with. The afternoon would be spent diving deep into a complex client request without interruptions.

Which Domani Wealth core value most resonates with you and why?

I think positivity links or helps achieve the other five values: without a positive approach you set yourself up for failure, which could lead to lack of accountability, diminish your curiosity, reduce your integrity and places an “I” in team. Before my feet hit the floor in the morning, I think positive thoughts about my day and those I will encounter.

What do clients and coworkers appreciate about you?

I’m very approachable and have a can-do work ethic.

If you had an entire day of free time and no responsibilities, what would you do?

Spend the day on the seat of my BMW motorcycle enjoying some much needed “wind therapy.”

What’s a surprising fact about you?

I hiked from Pennsylvania to Harper’s Ferry, Virginia in 12.5 hours – 45 miles on the Appalachian Trail. The feat was even more challenging mentally than it was physically!

What’s a favorite place you’ve visited?

My grandmother’s kitchen, which is always filled with amazing food and a beautiful family.



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