Meet Steve Maher, CPFA


Steve Maher

Meet Steve Maher, CPFA, who joined our firm in 2019 as a partner and senior wealth advisor!

What would a perfect workday look like for you?

Starting a new client relationship and working directly with clients to help them meet a need or move toward meeting a goal.

What’s one of your favorite things about your job?

Every day is something new. Each client’s situation is complex and different.

Which of Domani’s core values resonates with you and why?

Integrity – as a financial advisor, our clients have trust and confidence in our recommendations for them. It’s so important to maintain integrity, and it’s built into the structure of Domani as an independent and fee-only firm.

Do you volunteer in your community?

I volunteer with Lancaster Chamber Men’s Mentor program, where we mentor high school boys and help them experience real-world roles in different industries.

What kind of music do you love, and what’s a favorite song or band?

I’m a Pearl Jam fanatic, and I love almost all kinds of music (except Country).

What’s a surprising fact about you?

I used to work at Nickelodeon.

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