Remote but Connected

The cat sitting on your keyboard. A small person walking around without pants on. An eerie silence pervades rooms in your house that used to be more full of laughter and people.

The transition of Domani Wealth’s team to working remotely has definitely included a different atmosphere working from home, but we’re proud to say it was seamless.

The good news for our clients and connections is that working remotely for our team is just like sitting in the office, though with less traditional coworkers. We have access to all the same tools and information (and each other!), and remote meetings with our clients are occurring without a hitch.

Throughout our five offices, many staff members regularly traveled to meet with clients, business leaders, community organizations, and team members. We’re used to working from different offices as well as remotely as the need arises.

When we began making rapid changes because of national and statewide safety recommendations and communication, Domani Wealth was prepared. We have the security measures in place to protect our clients’ information, the hardware and software to proactively manage every client’s financial need, and a reputation for working well together as a team that’s even stronger now. If you ask anyone on our team, they may say we communicate more than ever before with each other and with our clients – including a fun Zoom happy hour in April!

We thought we’d pull back the curtain to share how working from home is going for some of our team members!

Kyle Beissel, Associate Wealth Advisor (York office)

I’ve found that fitting a run in over lunch helps me be focused and productive throughout the day! I’ve also found that most people are in good spirits and really looking out for the health and safety of others. I find it inspiring that we as a community are so cognizant of how we can reduce putting others at risk. I do miss seeing coworkers in person every day, but I think we have great communication channels set up. I’ve enjoyed taking the opportunity to reflect and slow down the pace of life a little. My binge-worthy show recommendation is Ozark on Netflix.

Angela Berkosky, CFA®, Partner and Chief Investment Officer (Lancaster office)

I’ve updated my organization with a whiteboard to help me transfer my sticky-note ocean! I have enjoyed seeing neighbors out my window going for walks, getting exercise for their dogs and enjoying the outdoors while social distancing. I’m also loving having meals every day with my family! It has been challenging sometimes to turn off work and wrap up for the day, but I don’t mind the commute at all. My binge-worthy show is also Ozark on Netflix, though I’m looking forward to The Stranger and Tiger King.

Mike Dinan, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor (Wyomissing office)

I get ready every morning like I’m headed into the office – though I may not wear pants from one of my suits – it might be golf shorts or khakis. I’m enjoying lunch breaks with my family and Zoom calls with teammates and clients, though I don’t love the “Groundhog Day” effect of days blending together. I’ve been inspired by everyone’s attitude toward keeping us all safe and sound. While I’ve been home, I’ve been learning about vegetable gardening. My binge-worthy show recommendation is Ozark on Netflix.

Andy Rohrer, Research Analyst (Lancaster office)

Communicating over Skype and Zoom make it easy to feel connected and work from home, although I definitely miss the coffee and the Hershey kiss candies in the office. I’m able to focus for long periods of time; however, I don’t love sitting all day. My wife has done such a great job keeping our young kids busy and engaged during this time when we’re not leaving home. And I’ve been able to work on all the little projects around the house I haven’t had time to complete before now – including cutting down a giant tree in our backyard, splitting and stacking the wood – enough for about five winters, I think! My binge-worthy show recommendation is Mindhunter on Netflix.

Debra H. Sherman, CTFA, Senior Wealth Advisor (Mechanicsburg office)

I’m glad I’m able to start working earlier and not have to pause to get ready and go into the office. Having that time makes me more productive! I love having my dogs with me while I work, and I’ve found that communicating with clients during these different times has been on an even more personal level as we’re all living through uncertainty. I’ve enjoyed having more time to read as well. My binge-worthy show recommendation is Ozark on Netflix.

Mike Spangler, CPA, Finance and Systems Analyst (Lancaster office)

I’ve found playing music helps me focus, and I’ve been able to replicate my office set up with my trusty work headphones from home, so I’ve been impressed at how seamless the process has been. The music helps me from being distracted by things needing to be done around the house or furry pets. I’ve been inspired by what an excellent level of service Domani Wealth has been able to provide to our clients even though we’re not speaking with them face-to-face. During this time at home, I’ve been able to spend more time with my wife, who works evenings, so now we can see each other more during the day. My binge-worthy recommendation is anything on HGTV.

Paula Pascoe, Operations Associate (Hanover office)

No outfit matching or dressing up for the office is the best thing about working from home, I think! I am impressed with how much our Domani Wealth team is able to get done without being face-to-face – I have no problem being productive when my inbox is full! Being so close to the fridge and so many snacks is challenging, and I miss seeing people other than my family. I’ve been inspired hearing of people with big hearts who want to help those in need, and I’ve enjoyed going on bike rides with my family. My recommended binge-worthy show is seasons of Sex and the City.

Steve Maher, CPFA, Partner, Senior Wealth Advisor (Lancaster office)

There are so many snacks at home it’s an extra perk, and I enjoy getting to see my kids more than I would if I were at the office all day. I do miss the in-person collaboration of walking over to someone’s desk, as well as face-to-face meetings with clients, but I think we’re doing well communicating with everyone. Right now, I’m finding the healthcare and science communities working together incredibly inspiring. Shout out to my wife, who has helped manage our young kiddos when I turned their basement playroom into my office. I love waking my kids up in the morning and eating lunch with them! My recommended binge-worthy show is Line of Duty on Amazon Prime.

Regardless of where our team is – we’re here for you! Feel free to reach out and get in touch with us today, explore our blog posts for insights and corporate updates, and meet our team members virtually on our team pages!

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