Pivoting While Connecting

We’re in a different place, and yet the same.

And by different place, we mean literally.

Rather than heading into our local office each day, we’re heading from one room to another right at home. Rather than traveling to meet you, our clients, wherever it’s most convenient, we’re pushing a button on a phone or computer to start a conversation. Rather than traveling between our offices for team meetings or planning sessions, we’re turning on our laptop cameras and connecting.

But while physically, we’re in a different place, in all other ways, we’re in the same place: accessible and available to you. And the good news is our transition was seamless: we had the technology, equipment, and procedures already in place to provide you the best service and protect your information.

It’s all in the communication

The work at hand is always first and foremost: Communicate. How are you, the client, doing? Is there anything we can help you with? Is there anything you have questions about or want to discuss?

We’ve also been providing regular market updates as we faced volatility, and wanted to make you aware of what you needed to know.

And beyond our client communications with important information, we’re in constant communication connecting with each other – by phone, email, text message, and possibly even carrier pigeon. Whether it’s a witty joke in an internal newsletter, streamlining a process, setting up a new tool, or keeping a project moving forward, our core value of teamwork is always at play as we communicate.

It’s in the preparation

Running out to buy equipment or vetting software as the world rapidly changes course is challenging, at best.

At Domani Wealth, we have long embraced and empowered our staff to be mobile between offices and with clients, and in light of that, we already had the equipment and tools in place. Our emergency plan for business went into effect even before our Governor instated safety measures for in-person business operations. And our operations and practice management leadership were regularly communicating everything from healthcare coverage for the novel coronavirus to new working remote status.

Staff were able to bring home any additional equipment they needed from the office, as well as have access to tools such as Zoom to conduct face-to-face meetings.

It’s in the security

The software tools we already use have the utmost security, and during this time where more is occurring virtually, we have instated even more secure measures, such as double-checking an email direction with a phone call, to make sure the email wasn’t fraudulent.

We’ve also been testing our understanding of secure digital operations, making sure we’re staying vigilant against scams or phishing emails to keep our own operations secure.

And we’re continually adjusting our operations to make processes easier for and connecting with you, our clients, as well as keep updating to follow best practices.

It’s in the interest of YOU

While these steps we’ve taken are certainly helpful in running our firm, which has now been around for 25 years, the main reason we are prepared, communicate well, and ensure secure operations is YOU, our clients. We’re so honored to work with you and look forward to another 25 years!

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