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Your Impact

Working together, we strive to increase the ripple effects of supporting our communities. 

You have causes, organizations, and people you are passionate about supporting through philanthropy.

How can you make sure these organizations will be supported well into the future? 

Can you give in a way that both serves the organization and minimizes taxes?

Having a thoughtfully planned charitable giving strategy can help you increase your philanthropic impact. It can also serve both you and the nonprofit by minimizing tax liabilities, whether income or estate-based. Donations can be made via cash, in-kind gifts of investments, property, through private foundations, and with donor advised funds, among other options. 

With an intentional approach, both you and the charity can experience maximized results. 

Domani Wealth can guide your charitable giving plan, working closely with other professionals to coordinate the best possible scenario for your philanthropic goals — both those you want to take action on today and those that will be part of your legacy.

Service Insights

Giving Season

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