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Aaron E. Stolpen, CFA, Esq.
Senior Portfolio Manager

Making things better.

If you speak with Aaron Stolpen, a Senior Portfolio Manager with Domani Wealth, you’ll quickly see what drives him: bettering himself and serving those around him.

“A perfect workday for me would be where I’ve achieved two things. First, made myself better by learning something I didn’t know before, finding a way to be more efficient, or honed a skill. Secondly, making things better for someone else, such as helping a client feel confident in their financial plan, or supporting a team member on a project,” he says.

Aaron is known for putting his full effort into anything he tackles, and being ready and willing to learn more and apply those insights to both client and team-oriented work.

He thrives as part of the smart, driven team we’ve assembled at Domani Wealth. As a part of the Investment Strategy Group, he works closely with both Wealth Advisors and clients, using his experience and penchant for expanding knowledge to optimize each individual client portfolio. His background and education as an attorney help our team understand complexities while also having strong communication, able to help break down complicated topics.

Aaron pursued a career in investing to match his level of curiosity and dedication to continuously building his knowledge. “Investing is something where, no matter how long you’ve been doing it or how much you know, there’s always something more to learn and adjust and improve.”

In his role as a Senior Portfolio Manager, Aaron’s responsibilities include constructing, implementing, and monitoring investment portfolios. He oversees the analysis of current client holdings, allocations, risk levels, and concentrations. Aaron collaborates with leadership on system utilization, improving technology, and develops tools for advisors to easily communicate portfolio and investment research to clients.

The core value that most resonates with Aaron, he says, is integrity. “I try to do right by people in everything that I do, even if it’s not always the most directly beneficial option for me personally. And it’s important I work with people who feel the same, which I’ve seen demonstrated at Domani Wealth.”

If he had an entire day of free time with no responsibilities, Aaron would cook a wildly elaborate meal, with several courses and printed menus. His favorite possession is a Taylor 414ce acoustic/electric guitar, and the best place he’s visited is Paris for the food, the art, the history, and the energy.

Professional Accreditations & Education 
  • CFA® Charterholder
  • JD, The George Washington University School of Business
  • MBA, The George Washington University School of Business
  • BA, philosophy and religion, Bucknell University
Professional Memberships 
  • CFA Institute
  • CFA Society of Philadelphia
Aaron Stolpen



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