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Kilie F. Smith
Client Service Associate

Making a positive impact.

For Kilie Smith, a Client Service Associate hired from our firm’s internship program, a perfect workday is one when she gets to work on projects that have a direct positive impact on the team and on our clients.

“I have always wanted to pursue a career that helps others, and I realized how many people can have a strong future if given the right financial advice,” she says, “I decided I wanted to be someone who could provide that help.”

In Kilie’s role, she works closely with groups throughout the firm to ensure data accuracy, provide timely reports and information, and process client requests. She helps to keep tasks moving and streamlining processes, whether something as simple as providing details for a transaction or working on client communications. Her daily reconciliation tasks are integral to the firm.

Kilie is part of Domani Wealth’s Client Service Associate rotational program. This two-year timeline enables new associates to spend time working in every practice group in the firm: Operations, Wealth Advisors, Investment Strategy, and Systems. Throughout their time, they will learn all aspects of our business and how we serve clients. Domani Wealth is highly selective of those entering this program, expecting both intense academic knowledge and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, learn quickly, and stay focused on details.

One of her favorite things about her responsibilities, she says, is knowing she’s working for a company with strong ethics that helps people achieve their goals.

“The core value that resonates the most with me is positivity. I believe anything can be accomplished if you have the right mind set going into it,” she says.

Kilie is a team player, and always willing to listen and pick up insights from those who have been in the industry longer.

Before moving into the finance industry, she wanted to be in the FBI and was planning to complete a degree in sociology and criminology.

Her favorite food is hot wings, and the best place she’s ever visited is Newcastle, Australia. If she had a day to herself, she would go exploring somewhere new and spend some time paddling in a kayak.

Professional Accreditations & Education 
  • BA Finance, Elizabethtown College
Kilie Smith


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