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Strategic Tax Planning

An Opportunity to Enhance
Your Wealth

Income taxes impact your path to reaching your financial goals. 

Even if you know where you’d like to be with your finances and have a plan to get there, if it doesn’t take deep consideration of the tax implications, you may be more negatively affected than you are aware. 

You can keep more of your hard-earned income so it can continue to help you toward your goals. In fact, strategic income tax planning is one of the most effective ways to enhance and safeguard your wealth. 

You may be thinking: 

  • Are my investments managed well to minimize taxes?
  • Is my estate set up to minimize taxes?
  • Will I be able to continue my lifestyle after I retire?
  • I’ve been managing my investments and retirement income myself – am I missing any strategic steps? 
  • How do I sell my business to be most advantageous for tax minimization?

The complexity of strategic income tax planning is difficult without the assistance of experienced professionals. Domani Wealth’s team includes several CPAs on staff with significant experience working directly with businesses, individuals, and other tax professionals to help you understand tax ramifications and create more tax-efficient plans. 

We strive to minimize tax consequences when developing client financial plans and managing portfolios. Domani Wealth’s team uses techniques and approaches such as tax-loss harvesting, tax impact on charitable giving plans, funding for retirement plans to reduce taxes, and conversion of IRA amounts to Roth IRAs. We also work with closely held business leaders to contribute larger amounts to a retirement plan in a tax deferred manner, and explore estate and wealth transfer timing based on federal estate and state inheritance taxes. When an asset will gain income, such as a sale of a business, real estate, or other item, we can plan for this and minimize, where possible, the tax ramifications.

Working with us, you have the opportunity to minimize your tax burdens while maximizing your opportunities. Our experienced advisors analyze your financial and tax situation to provide a personalized strategy, helping you maintain and grow your wealth. As tax laws change, we adjust to help clients meet both short-term and long-term financial goals. Domani Wealth’s commitment to acting in your best interest translates to helping give you peace of mind.

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