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You might be a professional wanting to make sure you’re on the right path to protect your future, on the cusp of retirement, or facing a financial situation you’re not sure how to navigate. Domani Wealth can come alongside you, helping you feel well prepared and supported with private wealth management.

What It Looks Like

You might wonder what working with us looks like. We listen and we simplify. What that means for you is a personalized financial plan and investment strategy built by a team of credentialed and experienced finance professionals. With that collaborative team approach and always-in-your-best-interest commitment, you’ll experience trustworthy guidance, helping you feel secure in your financial future.

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GPS: Goals. Plan. Steer.

Having a financial plan for private wealth management can be the game changer that helps you reach your goals.

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Our financial planning process walks through these steps with you:

  • Listening
  • Strategy
  • Services
  • Team
  • Recommendations
  • Adaptable Plan

How We Can Serve You

Financial Planning

No matter your dreams, it can be hard to reach your goals unless you have a financial plan.

Retirement Planning

You have dreams and goals for your retirement. Domani Wealth offers the experience and credentials to help you feel confident with a strategic retirement plan.

Trust and Foundation Services

Domani Wealth offers help establishing and managing trusts, as well as foundation administration for high-net-worth families. We can assist you with your philanthropy and family’s future.

Estate Planning

Careful and thoughtful estate planning to transfer wealth begins with a conversation – an open and honest discussion about your family’s objectives and needs.

Strategic Income Tax Planning

Strategic income tax planning is one of the most effective ways to enhance and protect your family’s wealth, but requires special expertise to be successful.

Philanthropy Services

A thoughtfully planned charitable giving strategy can help you fulfill your goals and support causes or organizations you are passionate about.

Investment Management

Domani Wealth offers investment management services paired with our financial planning foundation to help you meet financial goals.

Business Leadership Retirement

Domani Wealth has a history of working with companies during business owner transition. Stepping into retirement as a business owner takes a planned strategy.

Company Retirement plans

Whether you are a small or large business, we understand the critical importance of having a well-defined company retirement plan in place with strong support.

Family Office

Domani Wealth provides customized family office services to assist ultra-high net worth families from one generation to the next with a coordinated and thorough approach.

Coming on Board

Working with Domani Wealth, you’ll receive personalized financial advice, carefully crafted and proactively communicated to meet your needs
But what does it look like to go from hearing about us to working closely with our team for private wealth management?

Step 1: Introduction

We’ll meet with you to listen to your needs, concerns, and goals.

Step 2: Outline

We’ll share details on next steps, timing, and how the process works. We’ll seek high-level information from you to inform our next conversation.

Step 3: Details

You’ll connect with us to have deeper discussions on the variety of options, techniques, and approaches that may help you move forward.

Step 4: Financial Planning Agreement

We’ll make sure you understand the work our deeply qualified and technical team will complete to create a personalized financial plan for you and your needs.

Step 5: Information

We’ll interact with you to collect the relevant documentation needed for ensuring we have the most complete picture of your current finances, enabling our team to build customized recommendations to help you meet your goals.

Step 6: Proposal

We’ll construct a proposal centered around your specific situation and dreams for the future. Within the proposal will be multi-layered recommendations to give you options as you move forward. The Domani Wealth team will meet with you for an in-depth review of the proposal.

Step 7: Agreement and Implementation

We can coordinate signatures in many convenient ways, including DocuSign. Once we have a completed agreement, our team will move quickly to complete the onboarding process – setting up accounts, facilitating investment transfers, and implementing your plan.

Step 8: Regular Updates

Our team understands life is always changing, and we’ll check in with you regularly to make sure the plan is still meeting your needs. As tax laws change, your life morphs, and if your goals shift, we’ll be there to walk alongside you and help you make objective financial decisions.

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