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Trust and Foundation

The Opportunity to Pursue and Protect

You want to maximize the protection of your assets. 

You also want to pursue philanthropic passions. 

As someone with high net worth, you face many financial complexities. 

Trusts and foundations may play a strategic role in your financial plans, though they should be carefully evaluated and managed.

Are you asking yourself:

  • Will my family have what they need?
  • How can I best offer support to causes I care about?
  • How can I manage what I inherited wisely for the future?  

Domani Wealth’s team regularly works with experienced estate and trust attorneys and professional trustees. We help you understand the benefits or drawbacks with a comprehensive evaluation via our trust services. 

Once established, Domani Wealth’s advisors can assist not only with the investment of your trust or foundation assets, but also with certain administrative and tax-related aspects. We often act as a guide and protector of our client’s legacy, and we take that level of trust seriously. Domani Wealth strives to empower clients with the most practical and efficient asset protection and philanthropy with our trust services. 

Working with our team, you have a reliable partner, helping you feel safe, well-prepared, and supported.

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